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Why, Who and When of Corporate Gifting

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Corporate gifts in UK have always been a popular concept. It is a way of acknowledging a business relationship while promoting one’s own brand. But is there a real need for corporate gifts? If yes, then who should we target and when?

The Why

There are many benefits of corporate gifts:

Branding: The gift raises the brand visibility. This raises brand awareness, improving its image and perception

Impact on sales: It generates leads, which can lead to improved sales. Pleased recipients are also likely to generate referrals.

Customer loyalty: A good gift makes for a positive brand association, increasing consumer loyalty.

Building relationships: Corporate gifts are a way of honouring and bonding with our

clients and employees. This acknowledgment is a very effective means of maintaining relationship with employees, clients and service providers.

The Who

Clients: Whether big or small, send a corporate gift to all your clients at least once a year.

Employees: The gift acts as a token of appreciation.

Service provider: This could be an accepted practice during trade shows and presentations.

The When

Corporate gifts UK can be given on a number of special occasions like exhibitions, trade shows, presentation, conferences, marketing campaigns, franchise opening, during meetings, special receptions or in the showroom.

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