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Gambling in UK — A Brief History

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Gambling has always been one of the most treasured forms of R&R for the people in the UK. From the gentlemen live casino to small bets at the racecourse, we are a people who love to take a gamble on our good fortune! But along with the changes in its character, gambling laws have also changed over the years.

  • 1934: The ruleswere amended for the liberalisation of lotteries with the previous bans now relaxed. Small lotteries got legal sanction.
  • 1960: Commercial bingo halls became legalised under the UK’s Betting and Gambling Act. But only members could get access.
  • 1968: Casinos were allowed to operate as long as they had appropriate license from the Game Board of Great Britain.
  • Games like Baccarat and Chemmy were now allowed underThe Gambling Act of 1968.
  • 1994: The then Prime Minister John Major allowed The first national lottery to take place. The most popular games were Lotto, Lotto Plus 5, Lotto Hotpicks and Scratchcards.
  • 2005: The Gambling Act 2005 established The Gambling Commission to regulate commercial gambling. This act brought under its ambit Internet gambling and big live casinos across the UK.
  • 2013: The Gambling Commission took over the National Lottery Commission in October.
  • 2014: The Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act was passed, bringing under it all remote gambling operators.
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