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EMSA First Aid Training Course and What You Must Know About It

First aid training can come handy anytime. You may never know when you could require this training to save the life of someone close to you. The training is relatively easy and usually does not take much time, so there is very little reason why you shouldn’t sign up for it.But before you sign up for the program you must know the necessary things that you will learn in CPR and AED classes.

The course, called EMSA course, describes how you can engage a number of first aid care mechanisms instantly. The duration of training for first aid is 4 hours, while there is another 4-hour training for pediatric CPR that is just as important too. To complete the entire set, there’s another 8-hour training program for preventive health and safety, which is often a one-time course and doesn’t need to be renewed ever.

By undergoing these training classes, you are able to learn how to handle emergency situations like:

  • Choking management
  • Chest compression
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Spinal and head injuries
  • Amputation
  • Controlling bleeding
  • Allergic reactions
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