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Domain Name issues also fall under Trademark litigation?

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Trademark litigation is a broad term that covers all cases related to infringement of trademarks, trade dress infringements, cases of counterfeiting, matters related to false advertising, trademark trial cases, disputes related to merchandising & licensing etc. In addition to all the above cases, all issues pertaining to cyber-squatting, online infringement and domain name issues also fall under the purview of Trademark litigation in United States.

If you have an issue with your website’s domain name, or any other online infringement that is concerned with cyber squatting of some kind, you can file for legal help under trademark litigation by hiring a good trademark litigation attorney for this purpose. If you have a domain name issue in Fort Lauderdale, you could also get in touch with a Domain name lawyer Fort Lauderdale to get proper legal help in this matter.

In you look at the Infographic given below on ‘Can-protect-trademark’, you can learn more about the services you can avail in this matter. It also tells you about the aspects of trademark litigation; how can a trademark attorney assist you in this regard, and important statistical data related to trademark litigation cases in the US.

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