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4 Reasons you Need to Visit the Soho Burlesque Club

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There are few burlesque clubs inLondon that really deliver what they promise — a night of decadence, hedonistic enjoyment and seduction unparalleled. The late night Soho Burlesque Club at The Hippodrome Casino lives up to that promise and more!

Here are some of the reasons why it wins the top spot:

Live Entertainment: The Hippodrome London Live Entertainment hosts some of the best artists from the world of jazz, swing soul and cabaret every night. But every Saturday night the club becomes a celebration of sensuality, humour and hedonism.

‘Star’ show: Burlesque superstar Miss Polly Rae (winner of ‘Best Burlesque’ London Cabaret Awards 2015) sets up the mood with a seductive and sexyperformance to begin your night of indulgence. It’s an intimately seductive routine that will leave you enthralled and asking for more.

Quirky stars: The contemporary burlesque routine is raunchy, racy and sassy at the same time. The delightful soiree features a number of quirky stars, from despicably delightful comediennes to cheeky burlesque clowns.

Magnificent surroundings: The spectacular show is presented in the 180-seat theatre in The Hippodrome Live. The high quality acoustics, sheer comfort and sumptuous design make it the perfect venue for a night of indulgence, decadence and surprise.

So, come visit the best burlesque club in London. We promise you a night to remember for a lifetime!

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